Start using data to supercharge e-commerce sales in 2022 & beyond.


Companies riding the momentum know how to transform their data into real-time decisions, driving a significant competitive advantage over their peers who are still making decisions based on gut instinct.


Through our study, you'll learn how to differentiate into a vast market by:

  • Making marketing & logistics departments work together as one disruptive force;
  • Ovarpassing obstacles in conversation rates through logistics know-how;
  • Find the latest & more intelligent ways to reach business KPIs.
Click to Door - Unique study in the CEE | Download free copy 
Insights from over 35 retailers & 500.000 orders analyzed

A unique effort in the CEE


To study the complete e-commerce customer journey, we analyzed: 15 million clicks across 35 retailers, translating into more than 500.000 orders. Using 64 different metrics, we uncovered what drives customers to buy more, refuse less, and have higher satisfaction with retailers during e-commerce transactions.



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What you'll learn from this study?


Are you a marketer, eCommerce manager, logistics, or operational specialist? Here's what you'll learn from our study:

1. How to streamline and unify marketing with logistics data for a holistic perspective on your conversion rate (closed deals);

2. What impacts your final conversation rate from a logistics perspective;

3. Smart ways to reach business KPIs; tips into better cooperation between the marketing and logistics departments.